Service Delivery Management

If you subscribe to our managed services then you already benefit from our proactive monitoring of your IT Infrastructure and, depending on which service you subscribe to, you will also be receiving the benefits of our ticketing system, service catalog, service level agreement (SLA) and service rates.


We use ServiceDesk Plus MSP which is a web based, ITIL-ready help desk software designed specifically for managed service providers. This all-in-one ITSM solution delivers comprehensive help desk, service desk, account management, asset management and advanced reporting in a multi-tenant architecture with robust data segregation. It empowers service providers to offer services and support to multiple clients with centralised controls.

If you have contract with the iONLINE – IT Service Provider then you will have login access to your own account. From there you can raise new service requests, check on the progress of existing service requests and review the previous requests.

If you want to connect with us by phone or email, contact us on +99412 3100555 or by email at

All incidents notified to our service desk are assessed with the client and logged in the iONLINE’s Service Desk Management system.

Where possible the incident will be resolved at that initial point of contact. If the issue is unable to be resolved it will be assigned an SLA priority rating and actioned accordingly.

You will be sent an automatically generated email confirming the notification of the incident. The email will also provide an incident reference number for service monitoring purposes.

Once the incident has been actioned, tested and formally resolved directly with you, the IT Support Team will email you advising that the incident has been resolved and is now closed.

The incident record will remain in the iONLINE’s Service Desk Management system should it need to be referred to in the future.


The Service Catalog is a fundamental part of any ITIL implementation – more importantly it should be central to the operation and delivery of every IT Service provider.

The Service Catalog contains  a list of “end-to-end” services provided by the Service Provider – not just system and components, but the actual service received by the customers.

You could get iONLINE Service Catalog from our web site –

The key benefits of the iONLINE Service Catalog:

  • the improvement of quality of service and user experience
  • the change in perception of the IT department from a service provider to a strategic business partner
  • the reduction in size of repetitive manual tasks and potential human error
  • the definition of clear values and conditions of each service’s delivery
  • the reduction of costs and time spent on performing a service


Most of our services come with a Service Level Agreement as a standard feature of the service. If they don’t then an SLA can easily be added to the service. For businesses requiring 24/7/365 up-time we can provide round the clock support as well.


Clients that subscribe to one of our Managed Services plans can enjoy a fixed price monthly rate which covers them for a range of services – from patch management through to full on-site support.

All remote support provided by our service desk is captured in 15 minute increments and all onsite support provided by our technical team is captured in 30 minute increments.

We believe the iONLINE’s service delivery model is tune with the needs of our clients and is comprehensive, measurable and great value.