Strategic Consulting

Our consulting team works with you to provide IT leadership and ongoing technical support. We can provide temporary or ongoing IT Management functions, and help drive operational excellence by establishing and enforcing IT Policy & Procedure and industry best practices.

Let our consultants help transform your IT Department.

Strategic Planning: Our Consultants work with your management team to understand your business vision and goals. We then work with the technology team to understand how the vision and goals are implemented at different levels.

Policy & Procedure Review: Our Consultants review your Policies and Procedures to ensure they provide the controls necessary to support and protect your organisation.

Structural Review: We review your existing IT structure to find opportunities to better align IT with the business to support vision and goals.

Virtual Management: Our team can provide temporary or ongoing IT Management functions to augment your staff or fill a gap created by employee departure or organisational shifts.

iONLINE offers reliable, practical and cost-effective advice for all your IT requirements.

Clients approach us with many objectives from evaluating and improving existing infrastructure, to optimising information flow and reducing overheads by outsourcing IT maintenance and support.

iONLINE aims to take the hassle and expense out of your IT infrastructure by:

  • Providing a flexible, high performance and cost-effective consultancy service which uses a structured approach to ensure that our solution meets your specific business requirements
  • Determining your business and technology requirements
  • Developing an understanding of the current infrastructure
  • Identifying ways to improve the current infrastructure
  • Presenting design alternatives, addressing any shortfalls in the current network design
  • Working in partnership with you to develop the final design solution
  • Providing impartial advice
  • Preparing a network infrastructure design and implementation plan
  • Providing project management of the installation to implement the new design
  • Providing individually designed maintenance and support packages

We want to become trusted partners within your business, helping you to grow and become successful, because that’s how we measure our success.




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